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Clients Comments

Chairman and CEO of a London City Company

“Ken Prior is an outstanding business mentor who brings a sharp intelligence, much experience and an independent perspective to his work. Acknowledging the fact that the impact of an individual's work is closely aligned to the make up of that person, Ken's holistic approach to assignments enables him to assume a much wider perspective than normal. Ken's willingness to invite the client to challenge assumptions enables the client to view the situation from a new angle and to review established concepts. Ken's international business experience along with his deep understanding of the dynamics of the workplace allows him to bring a considerable value added component to his mentoring work. He is gifted in bringing fresh thinking to work and personal issues at a time when it is needed most. He never places himself at the driving wheel, but invites and enables the client to lead at all times.”

 CEO of a medium-sized medical company

“Ken is an excellent mentor and business coach. His approach is personable, professional, challenging and encouraging. His insights, borne of a lifetime of senior managerial experience and long experience of mentoring others in business, have time and again led to positive outcomes for the business and have been invaluable for my personal development. His mentorship continues to be key to developing me and the company.”

 The U.K. Managing Director of a major international oil company

“I needed to change the culture to the proper recognition of our customers. I had first to convince myself coming from the technical side of the business. The mentor provided the necessary challenge whilst we developed an appropriate strategy.”

 A Director of a leading international energy company

“I benefited from access to a mentor at a time when I was facing career choices. It was extremely valuable to talk them through with an independent person. Subsequently, the support I received by discussing issues at a testing time when as Managing director, I needed to increase the value of a subsidiary company prior to its sale.”

 The President of a major oil and distribution company in Russia (Western Siberia)

“I received invaluable support over two years with a major change process, as my Board and Management team were adapting to the market economy. Development of a strategy for the business and innovations on the people front, helped greatly in moving towards achieving the necessary cultural change.”

 The Managing Director responsible for developing a new brand for a leading publishing company in the Midlands. :-

“Prior to a major change of direction in my career I valued the support I received particularly the way in which it built up my confidence and belief in myself operating in a male environment. It forced me to acknowledge that I did have the skills and strengths which lead me to being able to make a very positive and successful change in direction. I found that I was able to stand back and look at my life / work balance which was very helpful.”

 The Managing Director of a small engineering company

“I was able to secure my company’s future. Following a recession, I mistakenly, recruited a new partner who brought financial support but proceeded to attempt to take-over the business.  It affected my health but I thought through the options with my mentor and managed to rescue the business.”