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Leadership in Business

The task for men and women leading companies is more demanding — and exciting — than ever before. Effective leadership requires the best use of people, knowledge and creativity, to achieve success. These are the vital ingredients to ensure sustainable competitive advantage.

Business results will depend upon the inevitable link between an organisation’s strategic direction, and the preferences, styles and aspirations of the leader.

Implementing the most rationally derived plans is dependent upon the competence and commitment of members of the organisation. This is irrespective of whether you are running a small business or CEO/Director of a large company. Leaders need to display emotional sensitivity — understanding both themselves and others; recognizing individual aspirations and contribution.

Rapid change and the growing complexity of issues, including the effect of globalisation, the ‘credit crunch’ and an increasingly competitive market bring pressures and frustrations, which bear heavily upon a leaders’ time and energies.

Whilst positive stress can be invigorating, extreme pressures have to be managed in order to ensure the well being of all those involved in the enterprise and others affected — especially the family. It requires a ‘clear head‘to remain focused. Not surprisingly, health and fitness, including nutrition, are now being recognized as critical.


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